Cinnamon Creek Folk Singers

About Cinnamon Creek

Preserving Our Heritage From a Woman’s Perspective.

The Cinnamon Creek Folk Singers are a group women from Northern Utah who for more than twenty years have arranged, performed, and shared their love for traditional Western Pioneer, Railroad, and American folk songs. The group was created to preserve and promote the national and regional folk music heritage.

Best known for their vocal harmony, the Cinnamon Creek Folk Singers use authentic and original arrangements, including “shape note” songs, to celebrate the folk writing and performance process. Stories and journal entries are used during the program to bring to life Western Pioneer history.

Railroad songs, religious hymns, western migration songs, and traditional folk music are performed by women wearing traditional costumes representative of the American West in the late 1800’s.

Members of the Cinnamon Creek Folk Singers are women with varying interests and skill. They share a love for the written words and vocal storytelling surrounding the events that shaped this nation and the Western United States.

Many of these women are direct descendants of the Mormon Pioneers who participated in the largest hand cart and wagon train migration in American history. Others have studied folk art in the form of dance, storytelling, textiles, children’s games, and traditional musical instruments.

In September of 2005 the Cinnamon Creek Folk Singers were asked to perform at a youth program in St. Louis, Mo. As part of their 2005 Fall Tour the group was invited as feature performers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Nauvoo, IL Summer Arts Program at the Historic Nauvoo Temple site. Local performances include appearances at the American West Heritage Center, Promontory Point Golden Spike Reenactment, This Is the Place Park, and private venues.

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